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Customize House Plan

Amendments to the desired house plan - the fastest and most economical way to the house of your dreams!

We are making any possible changes in our house plans:


  • Change colors of the facade and the roof;
  • Increase, addition and change of door and window openings;
  • Replacement of facade materials, roofs and supporting structures;
  • Conversion of the foundation under different geological conditions;
  • Adding a basement or attic floors;
  • Adding a garage or replacing the garage residential or utility room;
  • Moving walls and partitions;
  • The addition of bay windows, terraces, canopies and awnings;
  • ...... .. And that we can too.


Two steps up to the cherished goal


Step 1.

Call us and tell us about your wishes, the manager will calculate the cost of changes to the project, I agree with you the terms of reference. List necessary to begin making changes as quickly as possible: 
  • Maximum accurately articulate their wishes for changes in the house plan;
  • Provide a report on engineering-geological surveys for converting a standard foundation for your site, and the site topographic survey (if it is not - we can help perform research with the help of our partners).
  • Give the coordinates of the site (x, y) in the case of boundary and cadastral passports for land on the correct fit at home (optional, can make your own).
  • Select a convenient way to communicate with us - Phone number, E-mail, ICQ, Skype, online consultant on our website or ask your own. 



Step 2.


The signing of the contract and design.


Payment under the contract

You pay for the cost of a standard project (the price on the page of the project) and the percentage of the cost of the changes prescribed in the specifications. The rest of the payment is made after performing the steps of the work under the contract, you will always see the result of the work done and all of the following payment is made after approval of the project documentation you.


Matching phases of the house plan and exchange of information

All matching carried out by e-mail (E-mail), you will get the documents for approval in PDF format or in a convenient format you need (on request). Print and sign (name / date / signature), please send us a scan or photo of the signed document.


The composition of the project documentation and the stages of design home

The composition of the project documentation and design stages are detailed in section an individual house plan.


Delivery of the finished house plan

Project Delivery on world at the expense of our company.

Currently available are the following delivery methods: EXW, express delivery, "Russian Post".

  • From our office at the address: Russia, Ekaterinburg, Moskovskaya, 195, of. 448-450.
  • "Russian Post": obtaining origin carried out by the buyer in person at the nearest post office. Mail id will be sent to your email. Tools for tracking postal items Tracking Service
  • Express delivery: sending by courier service of hand delivery to the buyer. Time and place of delivery additionally agreed with the buyer.  City courier activities

Seller reserves the right to choose the method of delivery of the project to the buyer, unless otherwise agreed.

Delivery time of departure depends on the choice of the method of delivery, the buyer and the remoteness of regulations regarding the carriers.

Chance of any other type of delivery - as agreed with the customer and at his expense.


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